Thursday, March 12, 2020

Ethical Use of Computer essays

Ethical Use of Computer essays 1) Technological realism is the position that even though technology has a force of its own, it is not independent of political and social forces. It is a fact that advances in technology have made significant impact on our perceptions and how we interact with each other. The impact of the cellular phone and electronic mail has meant that in theory there is no boundary to communication and where separated by space and time there are no barriers to communication. The advancement of electronic commerce has even had significant impact on retailing and merchandising. However even though technology has impacted our social and political reality, we are not locked into an inescapable mould and this said, technology is impacted up by social and political norms. Fact in point, technological advancement, is still a mater of choice,; it is up to the individual to chose to use a cell phone, the internet or even interactive voice mail systems, and it is this expression of need by the market (popu lation) that drives technology advancement and is the life-blood of the very existence of technology. A fact that supports the thinking that the forces of technology are directed by human needs, wants and culture and is not an independent force which is insular and us humans cannot penetrate or fashion. It is therefore my belief that technology provides significant advantages and in many cases cost-reductions, but how much technology impacts an individual or a society is much a fact of individual need and government policy or political 2) In his discourse Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Larry Lessig postulates that we are subject to the same constraints that govern normal human social behaviour. He identifies the regulators in real space as follows: a. Laws : established rules defined by government which if broken are punishable by established sanctions (e.g. . fines for speeding or breaki ...

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